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binge eating diet emotional eating food freedom gina nuzzo gina nuzzo nutrition healthy eating healthy lifestyle intuitive eating non-diet nutrition overeating Jun 10, 2022

Have you been dieting forever? Have you gone on every diet only to gain all the weight back and more? Well, you're not alone. It's very common for people to think that they need to "diet" to be healthy or lose weight. The truth is that the diet industry is a billion dollar industry because everyone wants the quick fix or the next fad diet to lose weight. What is the solution? Quit dieting. Learn to balance all foods that you desire into your day. Learn to have freedom with food and stop depriving yourself. You deserve some peace from all the restrictions, limits, and foods you have cut out for years. Being healthy means allowing all foods to fit into your week and not over-doing it on one food. You can allow yourself to indulge on chocolate without having so much that you feel stuffed because you allow yourself to eat it. If you feel like a food is bad for you, the more you want of it. 

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