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Obesity is NOT about overeating

binge eating diet emotional eating food freedom healthy eating healthy lifestyle intuitive eating non-diet nutrition obesity overeating Jun 15, 2022

Obesity has previously been thought to be about someone that intakes too many calories on a daily basis. Obesity has also been said to be a problem for the USA because Americans consume too much food. Well, there has now been some new evidence to say that these findings are NOT TRUE!

Did you know that many people are overweight or obese because they lack a SATIETY hormone? It's true. It doesn't matter (sometimes) how hard an obese person tries to lose weight if they are lacking the hormone that tells them that they are full, it will be a massive challenge for them to lose weight.

So how do we help the people that are fighting the fight of obesity on a DAILY basis? We teach them how to manage their hunger and fullness. We ALLOW people to actually eat when they are hungry. We can help the obesity population by being understanding and empathetic that they are not the problem, their HORMONES are!

How do you try to manipulate your hormones that tell you you are satisfied???

1. Slow down when you eat.

2. Take your fork and place it down between bites.

3. Have soup before a meal.

4. Chew your food more.

5. Check in every couple of minutes while you are eating to see if you are satisfied.

6. Drink water during the meal.

I hope this gave you a new insight into obesity. Sometimes the media does actually fool you into thinking it's your own fault for everything.

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