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binge eating diet emotional eating food freedom gina nuzzo healthy eating healthy lifestyle intuitive eating non-diet nutrition obesity overeating Jul 24, 2022

Do you remember what it was like to have fun and be carefree? Did you ever do things and NOT worry about what other people thought of you? 

Do you remember getting EXCITED about anything and everything that was presented to you in life? Well...most things that is. 

Today, I went to the grocery store and got my groceries for the week. Oh, and by the way... I highly recommend this TIP for grocery shopping: you make a list of what recipes you will cook and then write down all of the ingredients you will need. Then, take that list and bring it to the grocery store and buy your items. It really saves a TON of time! I simply CANNOT WAIT to reveal all of these tips and tricks in detail in my GROUP COACHING PROGRAM.

Ok, so I was at the grocery store today and finished checking out. Now, at this particular grocery store they have a HUGE SCALE at the exit of the store. As I was leaving, I noticed a young girl, maybe she was 7? Not sure, but she was a cute little girl all excited about life. She looks at this huge scale, and jumps on there. Then I look over to see what she would do. As she looked at the number on the scale, she SMILED and said  "SIXTY ONE POUNDS!" I walked out of the store smiling and inspired by her enthusiasm for life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Will there be pain and suffering? Absolutely. However, you have a choice daily to choose life instead of fear and pain. This girl in the grocery store reminded me of how great it is to choose life. To live with joy, freedom, and be open to whatever is in front of us. 


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