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Meal Plan

The Ultimate Meal Plan

binge eating diet emotional eating food freedom gina nuzzo healthy eating intuitive eating non-diet nutrition obesity overeating Jun 30, 2022

Have you ever had a meal plan?

Have you ever created your own meal plan?

What was it like for you to be ON a meal plan?

The truth is YOU KNOW HOW TO EAT....without a meal plan. You know how to eat without a list, without a food device, without a scale, without counting every calorie you are putting into your mouth. You know what is good for your body, and what isn't so good.

You also know that sometimes it is not so easy to make the "healthiest" choice when you eat. So what? Sometimes life is complicated. Sometimes you are at a carnival and all there is to eat is a bag of popcorn or a pretzel. What if you're starving? Are you going to choose to pass out because there is no food there that is on your meal plan? No, you are going to eat some of the popcorn or the pretzel and move on with your life.

Meal Plans are temporary fixes to a bigger problem that you don't care to fix at the moment. Meal Plans are for people that want to put a band-aid on a never ending bleed that really needs some serious inspecting.

Meal Plans also make you feel like you are in control, so they make you feel better. Meal Plans make you think that you are doing something healthy. Meal Plans make you feel like "this is the thing that is going to change my life and I will never be the same ever again!"

The best MEAL PLAN  you are on is the one that you make yourself.

The best MEAL PLAN is the cumulative overall food choices you make during the week.

You know how to eat. 

If you want to start trusting yourself around food, you have to start with giving up the meal plan that someone else wrote for you.

Isn't it about time that you start taking charge of your body?

YOU are the ultimate meal plan of all meal plans!





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